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Tuesday, 20 February 2018
 The Last  Chai by Varun Rejwani

Published Year: 2017
Publication: Amazon Publishing
Pages: 250
Genre: Fiction/Thriller
Format: Paperback/Kindle


The year is 2019. The world, as we know today, is not the same anymore. 

Blatant threats of war by ‘world leaders’ is the new normal. Gone are the days when mobilizing armies at borders, or aiming missiles at adversaries, was a rare phenomenon.

With every nation or their allies possessing nuclear weapons, victory through conventional means is no longer possible, paving way for covert warfare to emerge as the preferred weapon. 

New Delhi is an easy target and Doshi, the unassailable supremo of the regime, is on the ‘hit list’. The threat assessment being at an all time high, Ajay Kaamte, the director of SPG (Special Protection Group), is tasked with protecting the PM.

Intelligence claims that the PM is susceptible to cyanide attacks and situation is grim, to say the least. 

Will Doshiji survive to serve another term or will he very soon be having his last chai?

My Review

The Last Chai, is centred on a society which is under the influence of totalitarianism. Author has picked an intense topic to write about which exclusively revolves around our political status of our country. On the other hand, a parallel story runs in which the country is under severe threat of terrorism.  Book deeply states about how the political leaders behave and run the country and how their decisions influence the tension on the borderline.
 The book contains various frivolous moments such as the way Author has named it’s each character based on existing leaders of the country.

Coming to the title of the story which is really interesting and the cover will surely add more curiosity to pick this book. The narration of the book is fast paced and can be done in one sitting. 
The language was surreal but it can be improved in the coming books by the author. Intense research by the author is a positive point about this book. 

But somewhere I felt some strings were loose about the book but I would readers to skip it.

Overall I would rate the book 3/5 stars. A good read, indeed.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

Estenzic Love: Book 1 of Estenzic Series by Hashitaa Paraswani

Published Year:2017
Publication: Kalamos Literary Services 
Pages: 178
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy 
Format: Paperback/Kindle


Brought up as an orphan, by her aunt, who doesn't treat her well, Scarlet is an optimistic and strong headed girl. Confused by her weak stimulus abilities regarding temperature and pain, and oblivious of her biological self, she is stuck in a situation from which she cannot escape. One mystery leads to another as Scarlet sets out on a journey to explore her own origins. If she doesn't know what she's searching for, Will she be able to discover it ever?

My Review

At the end of every year I make my books under a review check and place them into their right places, which is actually a categorization of books. Estenzic Love by Harshitaa Paraswani has made into *Entertaining Book* list of 2018. Estenzic Love has actually pulled me into my favourite genre which I'm always occupied with, the fantasy fiction.

I remember I was just through with four chapters and I could feel myself that book is shaping into some Harry Potter plot or Sarah J Mass but later I realize the book talks about a different species of human. A human would be a wrong word because Estenzians totally belong to different zones and embellished with unusual powers in them. Though, some characteristics spook me too.

Scarlet, was a teen girl but had a very doldrum past. She lost her parents in her growing years, later she was sent to live with her aunt and then she walked to a school and it turns out to be a turning point of her life.

The book is really fast paced and comprehensible. Language of the book was decent but I somewhere felt it could have been better. As I mentioned fast paced which means you could actually finish it within an hour and would not repent after closing it. Book has various characters which will engross it's readers whereas some editing errors would disappoint them, very rarely.

Talking about the title which is the most appropriate part of the book. Coming to the cover page, damn! I really loved it. It actually gives me touch that I'm holding some Western author book in my hand.

As the book ends you'll realize that the story will continue, so you have to wait for next instalments. Overall I truly love this book and I'll surely reread it in future. I would love to rate 3.5 /5 stars.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

Letters in the Rain by   

Published Year:2017Publication: Rumours Books IndiaPages: 201Genre: FictionFormat: Paperback/Kindle


Quite early in his life, Aman had been labelled a 'weirdo'. His side-parted, oil soaked hair and gawky physique made him the butt of jokes among his peers. There is nothing spectacular in his life—he studies all day, has never had an interaction with a girl that lasted more than five minutes, and scribbles his inner musings into his best friend, a personal diary.

Deep down, however, the guilt of being considered a social killjoy by the society starts to have a negative impact on him.

When forced out of his solitary shell into the action-infused warehouse that is 'college', Aman's life takes a drastic U-Turn. Owing to a Chemistry project, he is forced to partner up with Kiara—a cheerful, carefree soul who tucks away her dark, brooding past upon arriving in Manipal.

What follows is a series of awkward encounters and quirky adventures; ones that throw them in the deep end and make them face their worst fears.

                                                                 My Review 

Very rare books are written which will guide you and help you to identify yourself. I'm kinda lucky to be provided this book for a review purpose and I'm glad that I didn't finish it in a single sitting but invested days in it. Letters in the Rain is so far the most beautiful book I have read by an Indian author. I'm always prejudiced when I'm given a romantic read because there are very few books which left me content and extraordinarily happy, I'm glad this book gives me immense pleasure. 

Aman, a weirdo and asocial person who never have had a friend in his life expect his textbooks and a diary. He sailed smoothly every academics but something in him was injecting pain in him. It was his parents wish that he may have some friends and have his share of fun but he couldn't understand it why. 
But sooner everything changed in his life as Kiara walked into his life. Jovial Kiara soon became live wire of his monotonous lifestyle but as we know everything is short-lived, so does their friendship. 
Over the years both developed their potentials and everything was left in the hands of God. 

While penning down this review, I remember I started recreating their story in between. Impact of the book may be. :) Every character is beautifully weaved and placed into the plot. Language was something which was very pleasing to read. The best part of the book was poetries which helped the book to justify its title, the story and the theme. 
Adding the touch of poetry in prose has become common these days but if you personally ask me I would say that only Anubhav and Ananya can justify it. The only thing which troubled me about the book was it's cover and font size. Else this book is magical and will truly leave its readers spellbound. 

I would love to rate it 4/5 stars. I'm telling you if you enjoy Indian authors and aficionado of romance read then do read this book.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava

Sunday, 22 October 2017

The Colours of Passion: Unravelling Dark Secrets behind the Limelight

Published Year- 2017Publication- ReadomaniaPages- 238Genre- Crime/FictionFormat- Paperback/Kindle 

Within days of her fairy-tale wedding with Manav Chauhan, Hiya Sen, the reigning queen of Tollywood, is brutally raped and murdered. As ACP Agni Mitra investigates into the high-profile murder, he meets Neha Awasthi, with whom Manav broke his engagement to marry Hiya, Neha’s father Deepak Awasthi, who was eyeing business benefits through the alliance, Mayank Kapoor, an alcoholic model and Rituja Bose, the diva who had reigned over Tollywood over the past decade. When two more murders connected with the case make headlines, it’s time for Agni to find answers to perplexing questions and unveil shocking truths. 

The Colours of Passion breezes through Kolkata’s glamorous world of industrialists, movie stars, models and fashion designers laced with drug addiction and illicit liaisons, with a heart-wrenching tragedy at its core.

                                                                                            My Review

Saurabh Mukherjee needs no introduction; he is one such writer who has contributed something valuable to India Literature. Colors of Passion proved to be his remarkable work and I would not call this book as just novel but a masterpiece of his work.

Colors of Passion as the name indicate that story deals with shades of one person which he/she disguise but the beautiful cover image of the book makes it more clear that the story deals with the murder mystery. Being deprived of getting acquaintance the previous book of the series doesn’t create much pain to me. This very book was enough to pull my mind from the pangs of not reading the earlier book.

The book
was simply fast paced with so many twists and turns that one moment you would feel that you found the man behind the scenes but another moment you would realize how far you are from catching the criminal. Each page was full of suspense which will make its reader hook on their seats whereas the character building was just outstanding. Author has really got magic making his readers part of the book.

Talking about language, awesome it is. One cannot simply put down the book once he/she starts reading it. Those who enjoy reading crime fiction, they must get hold of this book as earliest as possible. But on a personal level, I would like to recommend it to everyone. You will never regret, trust me.

 I would love to give this thrilling book 4/5 star. Now, please excuse me I am going to buy the previous book of the series.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava   
Tuesday, 17 October 2017
Rooh se Rooh Tak by Vinit K Bansal

Published Year- 2017
Publicaton- Vani Prakhashan
Pages- 192
Genre- Fiction/Hindi
Format- Paperback/Kindle


गर ना समझें तो यह महज़ एक कहानी है, एक किताब है... बाकी और किताबों की तरह, जिसे आप पढ़ते हैं और भूल जाते हैं। समझें तो एक कोशिश... उस शय को समझने की जिसे लोग प्यार कहते हैं। आखिर क्या है इस एक अदने से शब्द में जिसे समझने के लिए लाखों कहानियां गढ़ी गई, कही गई और सुनी गई। लेकिन इसे समझने की कोशिश अभी भी जारी है। 
कहानी की शुरूआत होती है नील से। किस तरह से एक छोटे से शहर का सीधा-साधा सा लड़का यूनिवर्सिटी में आता है और उसकी चकाचौंध में खो जाता है। पहले ही दिन उसकी मुलाकात होती है रणवीर से – यूनिवर्सिटी का सबसे रूआबदार लड़का।

 दोनों दोस्ती से कुछ आगे बढ़कर एक दुसरे को भाई समझने लगते है। इसी बीच नील को प्यार हो जाता है – सच्चा प्यार, अदिती से। प्यार रणबीर को भी होता है – रिया से, लेकिन एकतरफा प्यार। परिस्थितियां कुछ यूं करवट लेती हैं कि रिया आत्महत्या कर लेती है और जाने से पहले अपनी हत्या का इल्ज़ाम लगा जाती है नील पर। 
क्या नील रणबीर को अपने बेगुनाह होने का यकीन दिलवा पाता है?
क्या होता है जब आपका सबसे अच्छा दोस्त आपका सबसे बड़ा दुश्मन बन जाता है?
क्या होता है जब प्यार सनकपन की सभी हदें पार कर जाता है?
क्या होता है जब आपको प्यार और ज़िंदगी में से किसी एक को चुनना पडता है?
कहानी या यूं कहें की कोशिश जारी रहती है प्रेम के सबसे सच्चे और सुच्चे स्वरूप को जानने की। क्या नील और अदिती का प्रेम उस स्वरूप को हासिल कर पाता है? क्या दोनों एक हो पाते हैं? 
जवाब आपके हाथों में है – “रूह से – रूह तक”

मेरे विचार

रूह से रूह तक कहानी वीनीत बंसल द्वरा लिखी गयी है। यू तो मैंने लेखक द्वारा उनकी दो उपन्यास
पड़े हैं जो कि अंग्रेजी मैं प्रकाशित थी। यह कहना बिल्कुल सही नही होगा कि, लेखक ने
दोनो भाषाओं को बहुत ही गहराई से अध्यन किया है।
रूह से रूह तक का सफर बहुत ही रोमांचक अनुभव होता, हर पल कहानी उत्सुकता की ओर बढ़ती ही
जाती हैं और पढ़ने वाले का मन जिज्ञासा से भर जाता है। कैसे दो प्यार करने वाले दूर हो कर भी एक
हो जाते है।  कहानी मैं चार प्रमुख पात्र हैं अदिति, रिया, नील और रणदीप।

माध्यम वर्ग और एक धनवान वर्ग की मित्रता दर्शायी गयी है। दोनों वर्गो मैं अंतर होने पर भी
एक दूसरे के लिए प्यार त्याग और बलिदान दिया   गया है । जहाँ एक ओर रणदीप अमीर ज़्यादा होते हुए
भी एक अच्छा इंसान था । चारों की ज़िंदगी मे सब कछ सही चल रहा था परफिर एक गलत निर्णय ने
चारो को अलग अलग करदिया।

कहानी ने दोस्ती और प्यार के दो पहलू दिखये है। एक इंसान कैसे अच्छा होते हुए भी अपनी
इंसानियत मार देता है वही दूसरी ओर कैसे ज़नज़रिरो के पीछे होते हुए भी प्यार अमर रहता है।

कहानी का हर पात्र बहुत खूबसूरती से लिख्या गया है, शिक्षक भी कहानी के अनुसार हैं।
जिन लोगो को किताबो का शौक़ है तथा हिंदी भाषा मे रुचि रखते है उन्हें ये पुस्तिका ज़रूर
पढ़नी चाहिए।
मैं इस कहानी और लेखक की लिखने की कला शैली को 3.5/5 अंक देना चाहूंगी।

 Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava
I Wear The Smile You Gave by Shweta Shah

Published Year- 2017
Publication- Blue Rose Publishers 
Pages- 204
Genre- Romance/Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle


Ajeet is a commoner, a boy next door who is away from the Worldliness and moreover just a happy-go-lucky guy. Aditi and Ajeet are batch mates in a Junior College and share a good chemistry.

 Aditi is all head over heels for Ajeet and without any hesitation, irrespective of the time and place boldly conveys her feelings for him. Ajeet was infatuated towards Aditi, however, finds his true love in Sumi whom he meets in his coaching class. 

Wanting to break away from the conventional norms and the shackles of a traditional familial business and to prove his worth to his dad, Ajeet joins Army. Years later a tragedy connects Ajeet, Sumi, and Aditi once again, however, changing their lives forever.

                                                             My Review 

I wear the smile you give is a heart wrecking tale of love and friendship. Author has an amazing narrative style of writing which makes this simple story, an extraordinary one. Ajeet was having gala days in Junior College but sooner his destiny makes him meet Aditi. As the time flies, both were infatuated but something changed on Aditi’s end. She falls for Ajeet.

Ajeet was secretly in love with Sumi, his coaching friend. One fine day, God listens to his prayers but then after years something worse happens and it changed their lives. 
Talking about the story title, it goes perfectly and effortlessly with the storyline but somewhere I feel cover can be worked in a better way, it conveys a half impression.

The story was narrated in first person style, which proves to be a bonus because it will connect its reader’s right from the beginning. Ajeet, the protagonist and narrator; reveals his story between past and the future. Book has many page turner portions but somewhere few things were unnecessary stretched. The book is edited finely and neatly. Ajeet has been my favourite character and would make readers over heels for him. 

The book is highly recommended to romance lover, the book has worth to be carried and flaunt because it has got a magical touch of love which can be done in a single setting and would make its readers content. Overall I would rate this book 3/5 star. I would love to read more books by the same author in near future.

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava
Friday, 6 October 2017

 Why Should I Love You by Kamal Paneru

Published Year-  2017
Publication- Half Baked Beans Publishing
Pages-  152
Genre- Romance/Fiction
Format- Paperback/Kindle


This journey is of about an engineer and a small town girl who come close with a wrong number. Knitted in Haridwar, Srinagar and Bengaluru, this story revolves around love, hatred, betrayal, passion, dream and politics. Time makes them apart. Will they come close? Will they feel the same till eternity? Who would feel the reason behind loving someone? Let's come and dive into this heart-melting love story of Raunak and Juhi.

                                                                   My Review

Not many stories you read are real, some are written in fiction but you will find them real and relatable. Kamal Paneru “ Why Should  I Love You…??? “ is one such story which will make you laugh and heart bleed once you are done with the book.  

Raunak and Juhi’s  love story is set in those time when there were no heavy applications to bridge the gap between two lovers but a mere wrong number can turn a new leaf.  Raunak, third year engineering boy who never dated any girl but happen to fall for Juhi even before he see her in real person. The two shared beautiful relationship but sooner things get worse for them.  

Book will touch your chord and will enthrall you. Book is a perfect combination of love, friendship above all major issues which one faces being in relationship.

I thoroughly enjoyed the part where author emphasized on social issue, let’s call it social stigma. People happen to believe and create a perception in mind that there is no place of true love and people are after flesh. I enjoyed the part where parents become troublesome for us and worse we faced.

Each character was beautifully weaved and readers would relate to them. Plot construction was fresh and will keep you hook. Book contained minor editing errors which will create obstacles but it can be skipped. Only thing I disliked was font size, as a reader I personally found my eyes in uncomfortable position.

Overall, book will make you content and doldrums at the end.  I would recommend it to those book lovers who enjoy reading romance genre.

I would rate Why Should I love you…??? 3.5/5 stars. Can’t wait to read upcoming work of the author. 

Reviewed by Aditi Srivastava